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Energy Units

The basic SI unit of Work or Energy is Joule (J).

1 Joule (J) is equal to the work done by a force of one newton acting through one metre.

1 J = 1N.m

N = the unit of force 'Newton'

m = meter

For example, to calculate the work/energy done to move an object by 10 meters (m) by using 200 newtons (n) of force across the floor;

Work/Energy = 200 N x 10 m = 2000 J

Energy conversion Formulas:

Name Symbol Conversion
watt/hour Wh 1kWh / 1000
kilowatt/hour kWh 1000 Wh
megawatt/hour MWh 1kWh x 103
BTU BTU 3412.14163312794 x 1kWh
kiloBTU kBTU 1BTU x 103 W
joule J 3600 x 1Wh
kilojoule KJ 1J x 103 W
megajoule MJ 1J x 106 W
gigajoule GJ 1J x 109 W

What is Watt-hour?

A watt-hour (Wh) is an unit of energy. It measures the amount of work performed or generated.

Watt-hour to Joules:

1 Watt hour (Wh) is equal to 3600 joules (J)

1 Wh = 3600 J

Joules to Watt-hour:

1 joule (J) is equal to 1/3600 Watt hour (Wh)

1 J = 1/3600 Wh

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