Ton to Long Ton (t to long tn) Converter

Enter the value in Ton (t) and press the convert button to get the value in Long Ton (long tn).

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Long Ton: 0

How to convert Ton to Long Ton?

1 Ton (t) is equal to 0.984 Long Ton (long tn).

1 t = 0.984 long tn

1 Long Ton (long tn) is equal to 1.016 Ton (t).

1 long tn = 1.016 t

Ton to Long Ton conversion table:

Below is an example table for Ton to Long Ton (t to long tn) conversion.

Ton (t) Long Ton (long tn)
1 t 0.984 long tn
2 t 1.968 long tn
3 t 2.952 long tn
4 t 3.936 long tn
5 t 4.92 long tn
6 t 5.904 long tn
7 t 6.888 long tn
8 t 7.872 long tn
9 t 8.856 long tn
10 t 9.84 long tn

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