Short Ton to Pound (T to lbs) Converter

Enter the value in Short Ton (T) and press the convert button to get the value in Pound (lbs).

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How to convert Short Ton to Pound?

1 Short Ton (T) is equal to 2000.376 Pound (lbs).

1 T = 2000.376 lbs

1 Pound (lbs) is equal to 0.0005 Short Ton (T).

1 lbs = 0.0005 T

Short Ton to Pound conversion table:

Below is an example table for Short Ton to Pound (T to lbs) conversion.

Short Ton (T) Pound (lbs)
0.1 T 200.0376 lbs
0.2 T 400.0752 lbs
0.3 T 600.1128 lbs
0.4 T 800.1504 lbs
0.5 T 1000.188 lbs
1 T 2000.376 lbs

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