Systematic Investment Plan Calculator

Investment in a Mutual Fund scheme can be done in two ways; either via SIP or via LumpSum.

Systematic Investment Plan, known as SIP, is an investment method where an investor invests the fixed amount of money at periodic interval in a particular investment scheme.


Result summary(SIP):

SIP Amount: 0
Number of years: 0
interest rate %: 0
Future Value 0
Invested Amount 0
Wealth Gain 0

Result summary(LumpSum):

LumpSum Amount: 0
Number of years: 0
interest rate %: 0
Total Maturity 0
Interest Earned 0

Projected returns for various investment periods

Below data is to give an estimate of how much returns you can get if the same SIP amount is continued for various time period.

Years SIP (monthly) Annual returns

In SIP, a fixed amount of money debited from investor's bank account and invested in the Mutual Fund scheme at constant interval.

In LumpSum method, one time payment is made in a particular Mutual Fund scheme and units are purchased.

Both methods are mainly offered by the Mutual Fund Houses to the investors. In both methods the units were allocated to investors account at the time of the purchase in the scheme.

Benefits of Systematic Investment Plan

  • SIP encourages disciplined investment.
  • SIPs are flexible.
  • The investor can stop investing in a plan anytime or may choose to increase or decrease the monthly SIP amount.
  • You no need to focus on the timing market. Since the amount is invested on monthly basis, there is very little impact on volatility.
  • For the same amount of investment at constant interval, the investor gets more units when the price is low and fewer units when the price is high. So in long run, the average price per unit could be lower.
  • Some Mutual Fund Houses allows to make top-up on exist SIP investments.
  • Most of the SIP investments starts at Rs.1000 per month. Please check with your Bank or the Mutual Fund House.

How do you decide your SIP amount and period of investment?

This calculator helps you calculate the interest gain and expected returns of your monthly SIP investment. You will get an estimate on the maturity amount for any monthly SIP, based on a projected annual return rate.

So, set your goal; how much amount you need in future for that goal; calculate Monthly investment needed to reach that goal and start investing.

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