Simple Interest

This Calculator helps you to calcualte the simple interest of the provided loan amount.

Simple Interest Calculator



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How to use this Simple Interest Calculator?

  • Principal Amount: Enter the principal amount.
  • Number of years: Enter the number of years.
  • Interest Rate: Enter the interest rate.

Simple Interest Calculation Formula:

    This Simple Interest calculator using the below formula in order to calculate the interest value.

    Si = P × i × n


    • Si = Simple Interest
    • P = Principal amount
    • n = Number of years
    • i = Rate of Interest

Simple Interest Calculation Example:

Below table will provide an example of how simple interest is calculated. In this exampl, an investment of Rs.20000 was made for 4 years with interest rate of 10%.

Years Calucation of Interest Earned Interest Closing balance
Year 1 20000 * 10% Rs.2000 Rs.20000
Year 2 Rs.20000 * 10% Rs.2000 Rs.20000
Year 3 Rs.20000 * 10% Rs.2000 Rs.20000
Year 4 Rs.20000 * 10% Rs.2000 Rs.20000

If you would like to calculate the initerest with compounding, please try our Compound Interest Calculator.

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